Why are so many of the gifts the same?  All the recipient names and gift requests come from either the recipient or the staff of the facility in which they live. A couple of facilities request the same gift for all the residents. 

I have a gift bulb with just the initials. I would prefer a name, so we can send a card. Why the initials?  Each facility we receive gift requests from interpret the Privacy Act differently. Most of the facilities provide a first name, some initials and others will say if the gift is for a man or a woman.

Can we personalize the gift?  Yes. A card addressed to the recipient by name, a photo of your family or pets, a letter from your children can bring a lot of joy to the person who receives your gift.

Can we spend more than $25?   We would prefer you spend as close to the $25 as possible. Often the facilities will have “Santa” distribute the gifts at their Christmas Gathering. Large differences in gifts are noticed and felt.